Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tools, Tools and more Tools... Oh and an Auction!

Well the sale of the S15 is going rather slow, even after several price drops :-( At the moment I've dropped it to my rock bottom price of $22,999 (last night). So *fingers crossed*.

The really annoying thing is the number of tools who are making ridiculous offers (e.g. $17k) or even others who say they have the money. Come and test drive (see test poliot) and then say 'oh, I've got to sell my car first and then I can buy yours'. Very frustrating.

On the clubman side of things after the engine sale fell through due to it being a dud I decided to take a look over the Australian auctions to see if any local RX8's we for sale. I managed to come across a June 2009 series 2 RX8 with some heavy suspension/frame damage that had not affected the running gear or engine. I am having Option 1 Garage bid for me today.

The offer I made is a little more than I would have liked to of spent but for brand new running gear including a revised motor, gearbox and diff ratios I really cant complain. All of the wearable parts would be in tip top condition.

I will find out if I am lucky enough to get these parts today after the auction.

Update: Well as I suspected the car went for a lot more than I am Option 1 Garage were willing to spend on the car. It was repairable so I guess some one bought it to repair. Back to the drawing board, something will come up soon and with Christmas looming I should probably wait until January to buy hardware. I wont have the clubman until then anyways :-)

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