Friday, January 8, 2010

Delayed Delivery from Westfield

I just found out that the delivery of my clubman chassis is going to be delayed until proably the start of March. A time when I really wont have much time for building a car as I will be getting married!

So I've refocused the project and decided to pull the development of my electronic/computer dashboard closer and do it now :-) I kind of splurged and bought an ASUS 1gb GTS 250 graphics car, two 22" widescreen HD monitors, a Seagate Barracuda 1.5tb hard drive and a new desk as the coffee table just didnt cut it anymore. While a little bit of overkill this will make development of the dash quite pain free. The new setup looks a little like this, I might even try to get the old monitor going too. Yes, yes very geeky... But what can I say? I am a software developer anyways!

I've also decided to bring the rebuilding of the RX8 engine forward too, two months should be plenty of time to do that and also get the dash software looking pretty slick. I am probably going to do at least two dash designs. One will be a Honda S2000 looking dash and the other will have to be an RX8 one. I should have some decent screen shots pretty soon... Stay tuned!

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