Monday, March 22, 2010

Data Logging and New Gauge Design

Over the last couple of weeks I've been working on two main things for my digital gauge program. Data logging and a new gauge design (which is switchable from the S2000 design I made).

The data logging allows the system to record ALL inputs (engine data and once I have GPS, accelerometer and other sensors data from those to) to a log file and then play them back later. For instance I connected my laptop to a friends Honda Civic Type R the other day and recorded a short drive with plenty of revs (the gear indicator is wrong as it was configured for another car). I can play this recording back on my desktop PC as if I was actually in the car watching the dashboard.

The laptop I have is pretty slow so recording video of the program while it is running results in poor quality and a stuttering screen display. I can now instead simply use my more powerful desktop pc to playback this data and record the screen using some decent software.

I've included a short clip of this log playback which leads to the second part of this post. The additional design based on the Lexus LFA dashboard.

I saw the Lexus LFA on Top Gear a while back and was hooked on it's looks, I think it's probably one of the best instrument cluster designs around. My implementation of this design is not yet complete and requires some polishing off and the addition of a menu, iso symbols and a few other things but here is the video anyway...

In an earlier post I put some videos (first and second) up of the S2000 design you may have noticed that the RPM bars all change color in stages as the revs rise as a simple shift light type indicator. The LFA design also does this but the rim of the RPM gauge pulses in three stages to show when to shift...

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